Needlecrafts - Knit, Basic Techniques - The I-Cord

Needlecrafts - Knit, basic techniques - I-Cords
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Happy New Year to all! This past year has definitely been busy, productive and creative.
Let's start the year off with a simple knitting technique, quick to accomplish and best of all, easily applied to an accessory that can be very chic.
An i-cord can be used in so many ways. Make them in different weights and textures of yarn, attached at one end and twisted loosely for a one of a kind scarf.
Use strips as contrats edging for slippers, hem, hat or sleeve edges.
Braid several strands together for a cosy cowl.
The ideas for using i-cords are endless especially if you try knitting all the different types, whether textured or spiraled.
Be sure to read about the different methods of making i-cords such as the french spool method (we called it corking), something I loved doing as a kid.
There is a kid's version of an i-cord maker, something that every child will enjoy doing.

Be sure to read further for helpful tutorials, ideas and video to get you started.
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Happy Knitting!

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