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Yarns are definitely my drug of choice. It's the colors, whether solid or multi-colored, the textures and construction that have me filling that "yarn closet" in the basement time and time again.
Every year at about this time we travel to Daytona where my brother-in-law and his wife own a beautiful home.
My sister-in-law, thankfully, is a crocheter and knitter. She truly understands my habit and willingly goes with me exploring for new yarns.
At times this can make packing to go home a bit tricky but somehow I manage to squeeze in all my booty.
When you enter a yarn store, you see all these tempting concoctions calling out to you .
Do I buy something safe in one weight and color or do I go crazy and buy a little of everything.
Well knitters and crocheters, mix it up and go crazy. Work with a variety of yarns and textures in the same color palette or totally patchwork style!

Be sure to see all the creative ways to work with yarn textures, free patterns and helpful videos showing you how to read a chart, work the intarsia technique and give you an idea of the types of textured yarn available in the marketplace.
All inspirational images | Pinterest
Stephen West "Penguono" pattern | pattern available for purchase here
Folkloric pattern | Burda 2013
Video Tutorial | How to Read a Color Chart
Video Tutorial | Beginning the Intarsia Technique - Part1
Video Tutorial | Beginning the Intarsia Technique - Part2
Video Tutorial | All about Basic Yarns
Video Tutorial | All About Ribbon Yarns
Video Tutorial | All About Fancy and Textured Yarns
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