Needlecrafts - Crochet, Lover's Knot Stitch

Needlecrafts - Crochet, Lover's Knot Stitch
How many times have you gotten ready for a summer function or you are going out to dinner wishing you had a special shawl you could wrap around you.
Something a bit glamorous, definitely feminine in a soft, whisper of color with just enough shimmer or sparkle to make you feel very special.
When I saw several examples of these shawls, I thought I would make one for our trip this coming September.
Light as a cloud, it would not crease and would provide that finishing touch for our evening dinners and strolls.
The turquoise kid mohair with the slight glimmer of sequins, that was the style that caught my eye. Possibly in a rich cream, honey or melon.
Even the ribbons look fabulous, the loose stitch allowing the yarn to open up and show off the color in it's entire width.
Think about bulky yarns for a more casual, transparent look.
Using a large hook makes the project go faster and allows the yarn to "breathe".
There are several free patterns, the main shapes being a triangle and a rectangle.
Another great weekend project either for your staycation in the backyard or for the cottage!
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