Design Files - In Fashion, Shades of Fall 1216

Design Files - In Fashion, Shades of Fall 1216
In a previous post I wrote about the privilege of attending Color Marketing Conferences as part of my job .
Participating members came armed with sample swatches, test cards and any other materials to present their stories about their proposed color choices. Politics, pop culture, sports, technology and social issues can influence the selection of colors as well.
Workshops consisting of teams worked on mood boards depicting their stories of what was happening in the world influencing color.
In the end, all the boards were presented and imagery discussed.
Amazingly most teams had similar imagery on their mood boards reflecting both world events and colors they evoked.
To this day I remember that collaborative experience and befriending people from every industry who were involved in making color choices for their company's products.
Depending how far in advance you are making your decisions it is vital that the colors will be popular and will translate into sales.

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