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Current Obsession - Colour Blocked Walls
For the longest time I've wanted to paint certain walls in our house by colour blocking, either to bring the eye upwards or to highlight a small nook or antique mirror.
The walls in my sitting room off the kitchen have plate rails as this space was a formal dining room before we did renovations. We had bleached the oak and washed the wood to lighten the texture and colour.
Below are examples I've collected illustrating how this technique is effective in enhancing furniture and accessories.
Luckily, Photoshop can help you envision what the project outcome would look like.
I am still, at this point, tinkering with the idea of how much or how little to put on the walls.
Source: - colour blocked bookcase apartmenttherapy.com, accent colour blocking jeffersdesigngroup.com, headboard panel colour blocking lindaholtinteriors.com, accent colour blocking apartmenttherapy.com
What do you think?
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