DIY Inspiration - Rustic Coat Racks

DIY Inspiration - DIY - Rustic Coat Racks
Our hall coat rack in the images above are really a series of carved wood panels purchased on a clearout at Home Sense (Home Goods to my American friends). What took some patience was finding several that were close in colour and size. We have a small hall closet as you come into the house and it is always pretty much full. Unfortunately when friends and family came to visit, the first thing they did was hang their coat over the banister post. Putting up a coat rack solved the problem. Coat hooks also make it easy for shopping bags or purses to be hung up, leaving the hall tidy (well, all except for the many pairs of running shoes!!!)
Putting the coat rack together was relatively easy. The actual hooks were purchased from Home Depot. You could use many things for hooks such as vintage finds or decorative doorknobs - anything that will hold coats or bags.
There are many clever ideas that can used for coat racks. Beginning at 50 dollars for a carved Thai wood panel down to 2 dollars for a Malm mirror from Ikea. Being a true bargain hunter, I like to scout out (my excuse for shopping) "finds". We have even taken an old hardwood flooring strip and made it a rail for hooks. Pretty much anything visually attractive works.
Below are several inspirational images of vintage, industrial and rustic items adapted for coat racks. Think kitchen, mudrooms, basements, garages or cottages. Anywhere there is wall space can become a more organized catchall for belongings that would otherwise be put on the floor.
Source: - 1. vintage rulers 2. branches 3. No known source 4. vintage rolling pins

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