Restyle - Sweatshirt Makeovers

Restyling Sweatshirts-No Sweat
Top Row:
1. Resizing large hoodie into a more fashionable style.
2. Cutting rows of holes to allow for weaving of fabric strips.
3. Embellish neckline by attaching whole or parts of doilies.
Middle Row:
4. Chainstitch "embroidery" sewn on to create pattern - in this garment, cables.
5. Beading using beads and/or sequins to decorate allover or in parts of garment.
Bottom Row:
6. Hems cut and cutout holes made leaving edges raw or finishing with seams.
7. Combining denim with parts of sweatshirt.
8. Lining hood and ruffling edges or any other part of the garment

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