Needlecrafts - What is Marl Yarn ?

Needlecrafts - What is Marl Yarn
definition - marl yarn
Two or more singles (plys or strands of yarn) of different colors that have been plied (twisted) together, usually giving a barber pole effect.
These can be made from different types of fiber (such as cotton, wool or acrylic) that take dyes differently, then they are dyed for unusual effects.
Background Image:Interweave Lief Slipover
Top image: Colour swatches showing traditional neutral shades.
Middle image:Traditional marl shades with their accompanying solid shades.
Lower image: Sample showing space-dyed strand (black,brown and taupe dyed in the one strand) twisted with solid off-white.
Marl yarns have always been popular as they instantly elevate the garment design by adding texture. Several designers have featured marl yarns in designs for Fall/Winter 2012.
Basic, neutral shades will always be in demand, but colour is fun, therefore think neutral with bright solids. Tommy Hilfiger used orange to mix with the blue marl and dark navy solid, a more interesting colour combination to wear with jeans.
Chloe also used a pastel marl matched with a complimentary solid. Create your own yarn working two strands (preferably double knitting or lightweight worsted) of colours you like and two strands of either solid.You now have designed a custom marl.
More samples of marl yarn in brighter monochromatic shades.
Background image: Style Bistro-Chloe-F/W'12
First image: Classic Elite Yarns
Second image:Handmade Yarns - Etsy
Third image: Rowan Yarns
Fourth image:Handmade Yarns - Etsy
The 60's and 70's craft magazines loved to feature "Jiffyknits" design editorials, garments that knit up quickly using 2 or 3 strands of yarn together producing a marled fabric.
Let me know if you've ever knit or crocheted 2 strands together and what colour you used.
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