In Fashion - Bagging Boho Chic Style

Check here for these and other images of the original Simone Camille handbags or you can see them at Simone Camille's website

Simone Camille has a new collection for Fall/ Winter 2012 - "Skins" - using animal skins in her own unique way.

There's something very special about these bags,almost mystical. Years ago, while vacationing in Greece, I bought a small bag made of this lovely, textured fabric with tassels along the edges. What really caught my eye was the incredible pattern and colour.
For years it sat in my cupboard. Every time I took it out during one of my closet purges, I would hesitate a moment, change my mind and then put it safely back.
A couple of years ago, a special birthday dinner came up and while getting dressed, I thought about my little "hippy bag" and took it out for a look-see. Amazingly, the bag instantly gave the outfit an edge...boho chic, totally groovy .

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