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Fonts: punch label, Discipuli Britannica Bold, Amatic SC, Lullaby, Mossy, Needlework Good
The image above shows, in essence, the 4 steps that led to the final design for my blog header. What you can't see are the clumps of hair that I pulled out from frustration in making these decisions between each step. Unfortunately, this is the perfectionist Virgo in me, making me crazy worrying about small details when I haven't figured out the big picture.
Colours, fonts, do I use pattern or texture for my background? These are clearly design decisions that can give your blog a personality you may or may not want. Reading a lot of magazines, blogs and of course, Pinterest gave me a lot of insight as to what I liked and didn't like as far as design layouts and graphics were concerned.

sites I found useful in designing my header
Font Site - DaFont - great site for free fonts and previewing titles or headlines in the font. Constantly updated with current font styles.
Photoshop Brushes - deviantArt - great site for free Photoshop brushes such as paisleys, frames, retro dots, grunge frames, to name a few.
These brushes create interesting background frames for images or backdrops for post titles.

There is a particular blog that I found to be extremely helpful. The screencasts were easy to understand, guiding me through the process of starting my blog. Even though I had some prior knowledge (enough to be dangerous) of CSS and coding, wading through the templates was a journey.
Thank you Katerina at PuglyPixel and to the many other bloggers who are generous with their time teaching newbies entering the blogging world. Do you have a particular experience or blogger that was helpful in setting up your own blog?

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