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Dresser, Cube Endtable | orsonandblake.com.au
Relic Endtable | armsandbarnes.com
We have now embraced a new romantic era where we crave all things that are rough hewn, a giant leap back to nature. Not only are we reclaiming distressed materials but the most desired items are in their most primitive, raw state.
Wood Sculpture Table | David Nash
Bedspring Light Fixtures| interiorevolution.com
Whisk Light Fixture | DIY - Junkmarket Style
SteamPunk Pipe Bookshelf | DIY - Pipe Bookshelf
Reclaimed Wood Chair | Piet Hein Eek
Wood Panelled Wall | ievadesign.blogspot.com
Hardware - Drawer Knobs | anthropologie.com
Reclaimed Pipe Hooks | image information unavailable
Is all of this current fascination with radical rawness a retreat to the comfort of handmade, pure and artisinal? Is it a diametrical opposition to the fast-paced, technology obsessed and interconnected world we presently live in?
What are your thoughts?

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