DIY - Restyle, Anthropologie Copycats

DIY-Restyle-Anthropologie Copycats
All images, interview and retail story | Strange Closets, read complete article here
Whenever I travel to the States to whatever city, there is one definite destination on my list.
Above all stores, including department stores, Anthropologie is by far my favourite for so many reasons.
Right from the beginning, I fell in love with the store's concept, seducing me with their creative windows and their unique merchandise.
My initial purchases were the ultimate drawer knobs and other bits and pieces for the home.
Finally, at one point I went the full monty and purchased a lovely sweater which, for me, was expensive but worth it.
When you look for ideas to restyle clothing, more often than not, you will come across an Anthropologie look-a-like or copycat version.
This is a lovely compliment to all the creative people who buy, style and merchandise all the enticing fashions the store offers.
I'm very fortunate, indeed, to finally have several stores in Toronto but it is still the windows that continue to command my attention when I'm away.

Be sure to read the article about the store's history and the visionary woman who heads the creative aspects of the company.
Also find 8 tutorials for restyling tops into the Anthropologie style.
All window display images | retaildesignblog.net
The window displays are magical, but for the most part use everyday, ordinary objects and are presented in each city in their own unique way.
The sheer mass of whether its wood thread spools, paper, clothes pegs or hangers is appealing and draws us in to look closer.
Top images, Frills | read complete tutorial here
Bottom images, Tucks | read complete tutorial here
Top images, Twists | read complete tutorial here
Bottom images, Lace | read complete tutorial here
Top images, Pleated back panels | Pinterest, images here only
Bottom images, Back panels | read complete tutorial here
Top images, Bows | read complete tutorial here
Bottom images, Ruffles | read complete tutorial here
Happy Restyling!

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