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Needlecrafts,Knit, Crochet - Tie the Knot
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One of the first classic scarf patterns I came across in an old Patons pattern book was this ascot or tuck-in style.
Reading and understanding patterns, at that time, was hard to grasp as my skills in knitting were limited and I've mainly learned by someone teaching me.
What fascinated me was how one end of the scarf slipped through a ribbed channel or sleeve.
Once someone had shown me how you made an increase row before starting this ribbed sleeve, knitting into the fronts and backs of every stitch, thereby doubling the number of stitches.
When I saw how one stitch went on a needle and the next stitch went onto a stitch holder, I immediately understood how you were able to work the two parts separately.
Joining the two parts by slipping a front stitch then a back stitch onto one needle, knitting two stitches together across the row gave me the whole picture.
Once you understand this concept, the sky is the limit as what you want to make, whether it is a scarf or shawl.
All you are doing is creating two end pieces whether they are leaf shaped or have straight edges doesn't matter and the rib can be narrow or wide.
The shawl part can be worked with stitches, different textures, narrow or wider, it's up to you.
Read further for a tutorial on how a bow knot is constucted, how to divide the stitches, ideas and free patterns.
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Happy Knitting and Crocheting!

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