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Needlecrafts,Crochet - Sheer Delight - Tanks and camis
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Top inset image | free pattern available here
Lately I've been on this binge of looking for nicer tanks and camis to wear under summer cardis. It could be due to all the Hexagon Granny Cardis I've been making .
By the by, I will be featuring them (yikes!... all 5 of them and by then, who know how many more!) at a later date. It's amazing how different they all look and I love the versatility, casual or dressy.
The hunt for these camis led me to find some lovely openwork tanks, worn over either matching, complementary or contrasting colour.
What's great about these tanks is the basic shape and if you use a heavier worsted or chunky cotton how quickly they work up.
Crochet two simple squares and you have a top. Finishing garments in a unique way can add that "of the moment fashion trend" or just your personal taste.
Mix stitch patterns on the same garment to give interest. Suggestions are given for different ways to use simple shapes such as the rectangle and square.

Read further for different style suggestions, finishing ideas and 6 free garment patterns.
Inspiration images | Pinterest
Top Row:
1. Zip It | Finishing the top of the back and front with single crochet will give the garment a stable edge for the zipper.
2. Chain It | Chains give this tank top an edgy look. You can use finer chain or metal belts you can take apart. Crochet around chain strips (link leads to helpful tutorials) for added width.
Middle Row:
3. Lace It | Grommet tape is available at fabric stores. lace through the tape with crochet strings in matching or contrast colours.
4. Strap It | Leather straps such as watch straps with buckles or narrow belts can be used for shoulder straps. Look for old belts, vintage army belts with metal closures. Remember not everything has to match, that's part of the charm.
Bottom Row:
5. Tape It | Use specialty tapes such as neon, beaded or braided. Think plastic, burlap and ribbon, especially embroidered novelty. Use the tape for straps or as suggested in the inspiration image.
6. Strip It | T shirt strips are great, especially as shown in multiples in the inspiration image. Cut and make t shirt strips either to sew on as shown or to braid as shown in the tutorial ( link leads you to helpful tutorial ).
Happy Crocheting!

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