Needlecrafts - Crochet, Wrapped in Blooms

Needlecrafts,Crochet - Wrapped in blooms
Inspiration image | Keito Dama
Ol' man winter has been pretty relentless with snow and freezing cold weather. So I say, "Think Spring!"
All this frost and subzero temperatures make me yearn for bright colors, warmth and sunshine.
A choker made with these lovely crocheted flowers would definitely put a smile on my face.
Try a flower scarf made with these colorful blooms or if that's too much a crocheted chain with flowers and buds spaced at intervals.
As much as I loved all the ideas for chokers and statement necklaces, the biggest surprise was neckpieces as suggestions for wedding attire.
This is a very sweet, yet sophisticated look. Although, the flowers embellished with crystal beads and pearls would definitely take the fashion quotient up a notch.

Read further for free patterns featuring 6 different types of flowers and helpful videos showing how to crochet with beads, definitely inspiration to make a whole garden.
All images above for inspiration only | See helpful videos below for beading techniques in crochet
String and Statement images | for inspiration only
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Choker | Choker pendant available for purchase here
Video Tutorial | How to Crochet with Beads
Video Tutorial | How to Crochet A Rose Flower
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Happy Crocheting!

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