Needlecrafts - Knit, Crochet - Open Mesh Stitches

Needlecrafts - Knit,Crochet - Open Mesh Stitches
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Transparency or sheer clothing has been evolving and building for a few seasons. The sheer trend began as a controversial seasonal accent only to end up as a strong year round trend.
What is interesting is how several designers have embraced transparency through knitwear both in knitting and crochet.
In the crochet world, this is not new. The filet stitch used in tank tops, dresses and skirts have been around forever, but now you dare to wear them with just underwear not lined as you would in the past.
Very fine cotton was used to design and make these intricate designs.
Contemporary fashion is all about heavier cottons using larger needles and hooks to create airy, read holey, fabrics.
Most of the featured free patterns can be modified easily. By using the same pattern with a heavier yarn you will achieve not only an oversized garment as shown in the inspirational images but one with the trendy big holes.
Leave off the sleeves, make the tops much longer into dress length and you have something more modern and totally ready for spring.
Even easier! Make 2 rectangles, sew up the shoulders and sides. Voila! A top, coverup or dress.

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