Needlecrafts - Crochet, Beginning to Cable

Needlecrafts - Crochet - Beginning to Cable
Taupe headband | free pattern available here
Black hat | free pattern available here
Pink hat | free pattern available here
Bow Pattern - be sure to read complete tutorial | here
Cables in crochet can be quite simple and easy to understand. Unfortunately, so many patterns, especially afghan or throw patterns have complex combinations which, quite frankly, can be scary.
When you break down the individual patterns, some are less intimidating. Another reason to look at throw patterns for inspiration.
The simple bow cable is easy to make and great for embellishing other projects you may have made. Practice makes perfect as they say.
Swatches are terrific for trying out a new stitch as you can see by the brown swatch I made taking a simple 4 stitch cable and working it into an uncomplicated pattern.
Helpful videos and a step by step tutorial are featured further on to walk you through the front and back post stitches and how to work the front cross of the cable.
Gifts for the holidays are the perfect way to perfect your crochet skills with quick to crochet accessories and how to get a new twist on the simple cable.
Be sure to read the complete tutorial | here
Video Tutorial | How to Work Front and Back Post Stitches
Video Tutorial | How to Work Simple Front Cross - 4 Stitch Cable
Grey cable headband | free pattern available here
Braid Cable Afghan | free pattern available here
Video Tutorial | How to Work a Simple Cable - Intermediate Level
Video Tutorial | How to Work a Braid Cable - Intermediate Level
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Happy Crocheting!

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