DIY - Home Decor, Top of the Tree

DIY - Home Decor, Top of the Tree
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Holiday season is here in full swing. We've already had our turkey day up here in the "North" in October but our southern neighbours are just enjoying their feast today.
Black Friday fever is definitely pent up and ready to blow with thoughts about the house, gifts, and getting ready for the holidays.
One of my sisters-in-law happens to work at HomeSense (HomeGoods to the south). She explains the pattern of sales this way.
First Decor, then Presents, then last minute, Entertaining. Already there is madness in her store. Poor girl!
We are fortunate that we celebrate Christmas Eve with just the brothers and wives (no kids!) at our house - Christmas evening mass and afterwards lots of food and holiday "cheer".
The main events are bedlam as there's always a packed house with all the children and grandchildren. The numbers can easily swell to 30 or more depending on who's bringing who.
It's lovely to have a more calm experience with 8-10 people.
We have a relatively small home, so a grand tree is out of the question.
Finding ways to be festive and yet not take up much room needn't be challenging. Featured in this post are many ways to decorate without taking up precious space.
Getting the kids to help make decorations is fun and gives them a chance to create "souvenir" decorations they'll cherish in years to come.

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Happy DIYing!

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