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Needlecrafts - Knit,Crochet-Cold Shoulder
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Every woman young or old, at least all the ones I've ever encountered and spoken to has some part(s) of their body they are not comfortable exposing.
My problem area or at least in my mind has always been my upper arms, right back to my younger days.
Cap, elbow length or short sleeves are pretty much what I wear, although sleeveless under shrugs has been my uniform of late.
Of course the runway fashion, can appear a little over the top, but really even those are watered down when sold to different boutiques and department stores.
Trends are for inspiring and usually trickle down to wearable styles, but the sizzle of the runway is so much fun.
This is why the "Cold Shoulder" trend makes so much sense. The upper arm is covered but the peek-a-boo opening in the seam can be sexy or at least feminine.
Please be sure to see the free patterns after the jump, knit and crochet patterns, basic "T" shapes with shoulder seams.
The lacy knit pattern takes care of two trends- open shoulders and lace effects. The crochet pattern is striped, another spring trend.
These are basic shapes if you eliminate the patterning and decide to work with a solid color or color block.
Also, think of this as a stash buster, the back worked in one color and the front divided into two or even three colorways.
Have fun thinking up ways to design your own spring fashion....the basics are there for you to experiment with.
All images above | style.com and pinterest
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