Needlecrafts - Knit, Cables in a Twist

Needlecrafts - Knit-Cables in a Twist
Pitti Filati 2016-17 Trend Report | weconnectfashion.com
As you can see from the inspiration images, there's a new twist on working cables, literally.
The Pitti Filati is the main international event for the knitting yarn industry, a research lab and an observatory on global lifestyle trends. This industry trade show held in Florence, Italy occurs twice a year giving directional ideas for innovative yarn fabrics, stitches and yarns for knitwear.
Designers in both the hand knitting and machine knitting industry need to have a pulse on what innovations are being presented.
The forecast page illustrates how to give a modern twist to cables. Knitted i cords in contrast colors can be threaded through the holes created when working cables, knotting around cables creating a more dimensional, tactile fabric.
Several designers have used this idea creatively in designs for their Fall and Winter 2016/17 collections.
Simple cable designs can be given a whole new look by using some of these methods.
Practise with a good size swatch to see what works and perfect your cabling skills.
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  1. I am speechless. These are stunning. I am at the most an advanced beginner knitter, but I can knit cables and I plan to figure out a way to try out one of these looks! Fun!

    1. Hi crafty1,
      Thank you for the kind words... a good beginning is a scarf, doable and faster than a garment.
      I'm going to include a link to a past post on i cords
      All the best,

  2. Love to see your emails have arrived. This is all fabulous. I do have a question. The cable stitch used in the blue jumper at the bottom of the post. Do you know what it's called. I want to make my daughter a scarf using it and I've been hunting for the pattern for it for too long. Would love some help.

    1. Hi Peta,
      There is no particular stitch pattern. You are threading i cord through the holes of the cables and crossing them.
      Hope that helps, good luck with your project,