DIY Restyle - Bagging Denim 2

DIY Restyle - Bagging Denim 2

Top row - left| free tutorial available here
Top row - right | Bag available for purchase here
Middle row - left| free tutorial available here
Middle row - right, inspiration only | Pinterest
Bottom row - left, inspiration only | Pinterest
Bottom row - right | free tutorial available here

Inspirational images | Pinterest

Inspirational image | Pinterest
Inspirational images | style.com
The obsession with denim is not waning by any means. That is for sure.
Vintage inspiration, whether it's the 70's, 80's or 90's is being reinterpreted and walking down the runways and in just about every major store chain.
Denim patches, embroidery, accessories, embellished jackets, worn and destroyed jeans - all of these are abundantly available.
Recycling denim is definitely much more interesting, better for the planet and readily accessible in second hand stores.
Just like in decades past, everyone is striving for something unique, something that tells a personal story not a piece of clothing that has been duplicated many times over.
Designer fashion that is unique and beautifully made, for the most part, is out of reach for the majority of consumers.
Being creative to me is much more important than owning a designer bag or piece of clothing but then there's nothing to say that they cannot be a source of inspiration.
Any post that deals with upcycling and recycling denim instantly draws you in to see all that creativity at work.

Be sure to read all the posts - you just may be wildy inspired!
Skip stitch blade for rotary cutter | order blade here
Left - inspiration only | Inspirational images | Pinterest
Right - finished bags | available for purchase here
Denim Flowers, past post (top image) | here
All other inspirational images | Pinterest
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Recycling denim for bags, accessories, home decor and embellishing jeans and jackets!
Happy DIYing!

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