Needlecrafts - Zip It, Using Zippers in Garments

Needlecrafts - Zip It
Off-centre Zip | image here
Centre Zip | image here
Asymmetrical Zip | Syngman Cucala
Side Zips | Tracy Reese F/W 2012
Zippers seem to have "zipped" out of hiding and have become showy and stylish.
Being front and centre is not enough. We want to see them, big and bold, in colour contrast and in places you never really thought to include zippers. If you think about it, any place where there is a seam you can put in a zipper.
I particularly like the idea of inserting zippers on the bottom of chunky jacket sleeves, possibly a Nordic style or Cowichan.
Create ease in the width of a garment by putting zippers at the garment sides as illustrated in the Tracy Reese design.
Neck zips allow the collars to fold back, opening up the neck. Asymmetrical or off-centre zips are a good way to control volume when closed.
Think about zippers to add or subtract parts of garments such as collars, body or sleeve lengths. Using the same zippers, you can make interchangeable parts.
Zip up!
Read further for more inspiration, kinds of zippers available, step by step tutorials and video on how to sew in zipper.
Poncho Zip | image here
Neckwarmer Zip | image here
Wrap Zip | Pinterest
Funnel Neck Zip | Lana Grossa, Pinterest
Other Helpful Tutorials | Chicknits
Video Tutorial
Happy Knitting!

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