DIY - Beaded Wrap Watchband

DIY - Beaded Wrap Watchband
Inset image | La Mer Watchband
Wrap watchbands are great because they serve two functions.
They are actual watches but at the same time are decorative as bracelets.
The price of the watch, a little rich for my blood inspired me to make my own watchband that was easy and made with materials I had at home.
Coming up with a plan was not hard. In an earlier post, I had made a crocheted necklace, so why not a watchband.
You could add chains to the side or embellish in a number of ways, but I thought cotton and mother of pearl beads.
The whole project took exactly a movie's worth in time. Not long and easy.
Definitely will make several different ones.

Read further for materials needed and general instructions.

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