Needlecrafts - Knit,Crochet - Sharf, Scarf and Shrug

Needlecrafts - Knit,Crochet - Shrug and Pocket Scarf
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It's amazing how many shrug ideas I've come across that are different and practical but at the same time give you creative license to make it your own by modifying the design to suit your needs.
Here is an idea where you can knit or crochet both the shrug and scarf or just one or the other.
Think about attaching a purchased scarf you may have to a shrug you'd like to make.
Gather all your scrap yarn, make a shrug or scarf or both if you have enough.
Make the scarf long enough to wrap around your neck or shorter to button at the front.
The sharf, a funny name I coined for this design is easy to wear because the shrug holds the scarf in place.
On a grey winter day, it'll keep you warm as you're reading a novel or like me binge watching a series while crocheting.

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Happy Knitting and Crocheting!

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