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Needlecrafts - Lace Eyelet Stitch Pattern
When we are in the learning stages of acquiring new skills, I'm always amazed at what I found to be difficult and others learned easily.
Lace knitting was definitely a skill I accomplished without too much stress but cables, even the simplest pattern stitch was an ordeal I avoided.
Maybe it was the cable needle that scared me. I'm not sure but lace knitting was all about two needles and counting.
Don't get me wrong, I wasn't a knit wunderkind pumping out intricate lace patterns, but the yo or yarn overs and k2tog or knit two togethers didn't intimidate me.
Certain lace stitch patterns create a sheer fabric, which is very much in fashion. Of course the finer the yarn, the sheerer the fabric.
But you don't have to pull out the 2 ply fingering weight to get exposure.
A lightweight worsted in a simple lace net stitch will give you the sheerness you want, as illustrated in the design above.
Understanding how to make the different decreases for the holes and the direction is really all there is about simple lace knitting.
Read further and find helpful information regarding decreases, their abbreviations and meaning. Video tutorials show how to accomplish them.
Read further for more inspiration, stitch tutorials for your library and free patterns featuring the Lacy Eyelet Stitches.
Video Tutorials | Abbreviations - What they mean and Howto Technique
1. YO or yo - yarn over the needle
2. sl1,k1,psso - knit 1, slip1, pass slip stitch over
3. SSK or ssk - slip1, slip1, knit1
4. k2tog - knit next 2 stitches together
5. k2togtbl - knit 2 together through back of loop
6. k1f&b or bar inc - knit 1 into front and then 1 into back of next stitch (2sts)
All stitch images and pattern instructions | craftcookie.com and
Lace Stripes | free pattern here
Lace Yoke | free pattern here
Lace Cardi | free pattern here
Diagonal Lace | free pattern here
Happy Knitting!

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