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Needlecrafts - Open Cable Stitch Pattern
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Ever since Mark Fast and Tess Giberson presented cables in what looked to be fresh and new, I became fascinated with open cable stitch patterns.
The stitch pattern can be as simple as separating the parts of the cable creating a hole between the twists or knitting strips and twisting them into cables between solid fabric.
Mark Lupfer has used the open cable throughout his garment, while other designers have used this stitch as an accent border.
Read further to get more inspired, tutorials on different versions of the open cable stitch pattern and two knitting patterns that feature the open cable pattern .
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Bottom Right Image | Philipp Plein F/W 2013
All Stitch Images | Verena Special Issue
All Stitch Images | Verena Special Issue
All Stitch Images | Verena Special Issue
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  1. These links do not direct me to the right site.

    1. Hi Sherry,
      Thank you for alerting me to any problem you may have encountered with this post, although I'm not quite sure which links you mean.
      On the inspiration board two of the links were out of date - they have been changed.
      If you mean the tutorial links, they are just images from a vintage Verena Special Edition magazine. There are no links for further explanation how to work the stitches. The images really show you how to work the stitches.
      As far as the patterns featured, the links are to purchase the pattern and seem to be correct.
      Hope that helps and thanks again,

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