DIY - Soft Shapes In Jewelry

DIY - Funtastic Yarn Jewelry
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There's something special about jewelry that doesn't take itself seriously. Jewelry is a decorative accessory, you don't need it but oh how appealing it can be.
This piece of adornment can be anything that makes me feel stylish, gives my outfit a shot of colour, texture, a playful lift.
Soft yarn "jewelry" has really grown up and become sophisticated.
Whether it's crochet, knit or macrame, the result is textured and tactile, begging us to touch it.
Tory Burch has fun with her accessories for the Spring season. Straw, shells, crocheted balls and pompoms in bright colours bring a smile to your face.
These accessories have an added benefit, they are easy and fun to make.

Read further for wonderful inspiration and tutorials on how to make some of the components in the soft jewelry.
Left, Right top image | Phildar
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Images | Phildar
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Bottom Images - Instructables tutorial here

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