DIY - Restyle, Pocketing Denim

DIY - Restyle, Pocketing Denim
Denim metal frame change purse | Pinterest
It never ceases to amaze me how popular denim is. Whether you are talking about jeans, jackets, recycling or upcycling, you can never read enough about this cultural style.
This post is all about making wonderful change purses out of scraps of denim you may have or a pair of well-worn pants.
These small projects will definitely be appreciated as gifts and because they're small are a good way to practise sewing skills.
Whether you prefer a flex top, traditional metal frame or zipper, these are easy and quick to do.
Scraps can easily be turned into patchwork pieces and pockets become whole purses or part of a purse.
These are all charming so have fun making one or one of many.

Read further for helpful step by step tutorials and videos on different styles of pocket purses.
Be sure to also read further down for past posts featuring more creative ideas, tutorials and helpful videos on creating some very stylish bags and restyling a denim shirt.
The brief trend video below shows how denim style keeps on evolving

Denim trends AW 17-18...some are somewhat familiar but the indigo corduroy is especially interesting, especially if some of the effects mimic the different styles of effects in jeans

Posted by Diary of a Creative Fanatic on Saturday, February 27, 2016
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Happy DIYing!


  1. Hi. I think your site is fabulous and your posts are truly comprehensive. When I was young and frivolous a new fashion arrived. Jeans. For the first few years they didn't had jeans for females, so we would have to buy male jeans (because that's all there was) and try and figure out a way to keep them on. Then came along Jag jeans if I remember rightly and their jeans were for females. There was an arbiter of all things fashion, Mr Black, who every year came out with a Worst Dressed and Best Dressed list. He hated jeans and said they wouldn't last. That was about 1970. can't get it right every time.

    1. Hi Peta,
      Thank you so much for your kind compliments.
      In many cases my teacher hat comes out. In the same way I love to be inspired and look at crafts in fresh and creative ways. I also like to share my findings.
      Denim has and continues to be one of those familiar fabrics that we love, feel comfortable wearing and through recycling are able to express ourselves creatively.

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