DIY- Restyle | Leather Jackets to Bags

DIY - Restyle, Leather Jackets to Bags
Suede tote with pockets | free tutorial available here
Crossbody bag with front pleat | free tutorial available here
Shoulder bag with snap detail | free tutorial available here
Fringed bag | free tutorial available here
Thrifting is definitely something I really love to do. Throughout the years I've uncovered many cherished items from vintage buttons to overcoats.
Yes, you can say that you save money but for me it's the thrill of finding raw treasure, a gem to be made over or in quite a few cases left as is.
A while ago, I collected all kinds of beautiful sari stoles in hopes of making sheer kimonos for the summer.
Many have lovely embroidery, some are jewelled and sheer and others are soft lightweight wools. What a delight to find these for next to nothing.
Going up and down the racks, my eye is also drawn to outerwear. There always seems to be an abundance of leather jackets in bad 80's styles, but in many cases the leather or suede can be of high quality and in great colours.
Distressed leather is also something that is very special used in the right way. Any of the featured bag tutorials will result in a very stylish and useful handbag.
Read further on how to take apart a jacket easily and tips on sewing with leather.
For those with a creative bent, there is a tutorial on painting to make your project a one of a kind piece.

Be sure to also read the past post further down for more creative ideas, tutorials and helpful videos on creating some very stylish leather cuffs.
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White net bag | free tutorial available here
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Painting on leather | free tutorial available here
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