Needlecrafts - Crochet, Bead Jewelry

Needlecrafts - Crochet, Bead Jewelry
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Pretty beads were always a weakness. Whether I was roaming the flea markets and vintage stores or shopping in one of the city's bead stores, an unusual color or bead never escaped my eye.
Needless to say, the beads accumulated along with the broken necklaces that had wonderful vintage beads.
Crocheted bead necklaces made with semi-precious stones are beautiful but can be quite expensive.
Using unexpected pieces such as hardware washers or wooden rings mixed in with donut gems can result in an unconventional yet very special piece.
Try crocheting with different components such as the fringe necklace.
Crochet was worked around the tape the fringe is attached to. The example shown is two worked lengths of fringe, each worked in a different color, then stitched together.
Beaded safety pins can be threaded and dangle between beads. Try spraying the safety pins in black or bronze for a different effect.
Actual pebbles or shards can be covered and used as pendants. The possibilities are endless.

Below are a few examples of necklaces, ones I've made and wear quite often loving the rustic, unpretentious quality.
Each vary in style from a simple crocheted chain of matte beads to elongating a lovely choker piece made some time ago. My preference in each case was the same washed black cotton yarn, a dark base highlighting the colored stones and beads. In addition to the yarn, the only stitches used are chain and single crochet.
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