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Design Files - Home Decor - Vintage Amber Glass
Image | Vintage Anchor Hocking Georgian Pressed Amber Glass
The colour of amber has fascinated me ever since I was a kid. Amber jewelry was first and then amber glass. Goodwill and garage sales were probably the first places where I saw amber glass. The colour had such a warm, delicious quality but more often than not, the glassware was a fancy dish or ash tray.
I remember being in a Value Village (was one of my favourite places for hunting until prices went shockingly high) and I saw these glasses. They were mine, love at first sight and we've been using them as wine glasses ever since.
Another design that screamed "buy me" were the Indiana "Whitehall" pattern featured in the second image. We use those as soda, beer and sometimes dessert parfaits.
There are several other interesting pieces found at flea markets that are used as serving pieces brought out mainly for parties, but the drinking glasses are enjoyed and used every day.
Image | Vintage Indiana Whitehall Amber Glass
Image | Vintage Fenton Amber Glass Candle Holder
Top and Bottom Images | Vintage Indiana Amber Glass Bowl and Cake Stands
Image | Vintage Thumbprint King's Crown Indiana Amber Glass
Top and Bottom Images | Anchor Hocking 70's Vintage Amber Glass
Image | Vintage Duralux Amber Glass
Do you have a passion for a certain type of vintage glass?

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