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Phildar Yarns, free pattern available | here
When I first started designing my own garments, I looked for inspiration and examples to learn how this was done. There were plenty of traditional shapes, mainly looser bodies both long and short with a cinched rib. This type of standard design did nothing for my body shape. Like so many other women I need to have some definition at the waist, not a ballooning top cinched at the waist or worse, at the hips...ughhh!
I did everything to stretch the rib portion so that at least it would hang straight. At that point I didn't know that adding more stitches for ribs would do just that.
As I grew more comfortable with taking risks in design, it hit me that shaping to create an A-line was similar to sewing in that you shaped by cinching with darts. These darts can be cables used stategically where you would naturally want to take in fullness.
This Phildar tunic design is appealing on so many levels. The design shows perfectly how a cable, wide at the bottom, narrows to it's smallest point and then widens again achieves that flattering A-line shape.
Berocco Yarns, F/W 2011 | Berocco Design Studio Blog
Two cables at the centre of the garment as well as the sides narrow down to one cable and continue to decrease to create the A-line shape.
Army of Knitters, F/W 2010 | Pattern available for purchase here
Rope cables on a rice stitch background narrow down to a wide, interlaced cable and then back out creating that A-Line shape. Front cable shaping also helps to create shape.
Laura Chau Design | Pattern available for purchase here
Two cables at the front waist area are "darts" defining the waist and creating shape.
Knitgrrl Designs - Rivulet | Pattern available for purchase at Etsy
Wide ribs with pattern interest at the back of the garment decrease down to 3 main cables creating a peplum effect.
Debble Bliss Pattern - Rialto | Pattern available for purchase at here
Rope cables separated by wide panels of stocking stitch decrease down to a main centre panel of rope cables creating a peplum effect at the hip area.
Laura Biagiotti F/W 2010 | stylebistro.com
Panels of double cables separated by wide areas of stocking stitch are decreased to a yoke worked totally in the cables.
Happy Knitting!

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