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When I first saw this image, I had to look twice. I couldn't believe my eyes! Clint Eastwood in a crocheted vest with a sheer shirt. Wow!
When I was hiring models for photo shoots, I remember a few models that later rose to what was their true passion whether it was acting or directing. Everyone had to begin somewhere and modelling paid the bills and put you out there.
Granny squares have been around a long time as shown in the picture above. The idea of working on small pieces is appealing, however what discouraged some crocheters was the joining and finishing.
That is also true about knitting and sewing for that matter. You can have the loveliest crocheted piece but the finishing can ruin the whole garment.
Joining and finishing tutorials have been included, so please have a look to see how to make a great garment.
Christopher Kane F/W 2011 | stylebistro.com
More recently, Paul Smith and Christopher Kane attempted to modernize crochet granny squares. Christopher Kane was more successful in that he chose a neutral palette for his allover design. Too many colours would have been overwhelming.
Panda Book 228 - Crochet Modern Vintage | Granny Shrug
An easy, flattering project to begin with would be a shrug. Rectangular in shape, you do not have half squares or any other tricky shaping.
Bottom Image | blog page no longer available
The schematic for the BLACK SHRUG is my personal interpretation of this pattern, not the actual pattern from the Panda book 228 - Crochet Modern Vintage.
Granny Halter Tutorial | kitschbitsch.com.au
Top Tutorial | here
Bottom Tutorial | here
Both tutorials have step-by-step instructions.
Jo Sharp Crochet Long Skirt - free pattern | here
Jo Sharp Crochet Short Skirt - free pattern | here
Patterns are available for both the long and short skirt.
Top Tutorial | here
Bottom Tutorial | here
Both tutorials have step-by-step instructions.
Happy Crocheting!

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